New York Wants You To Register Your Knives

It is time for us to unite the movement to get rid of stupid gun laws with the movement to get rid of stupid knife laws.

As the Knife Lady of ORP Trading Post I have made a point of familiarizing myself with Texas knife laws.

It blows my mind that Bowie Knives are illegal in Texas. Bowie Knifes should be the State Knife of Texas due to its association with Jim Bowie (admittedly a man of questionable repute) and his dying at the Alamo.

Like many other aspects of weapons for personal self defense New York State is perhaps the worst, largely due to the influence and power of New York City in deciding these matters.

From The Truth About Knives:

David C. Andersen

How would you like to pay a fee, be the subject a background check, submit to fingerprinting, undergo training and a psychological evaluation, and cede discretion to a local government stooge, just for the chance to carry the pocketknife of your choice? All that and more could be on the horizon if Manhattan’s District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr. gets his way.

As we all know by now, over 60,000 people have been prosecuted in the last decade for carrying an ordinary folding knife in New York City. This is down to Vance’s twisting of state-level gravity knife law to declare that any locking knife that can be flicked open (even if it is not designed to be operated in this manner) is an illegal gravity knife. Efforts to amend the statute to require proof of criminal intent have recently stalled in the New York State Senate.

The political wrangling around this bill was no shocker. The real surprise for me came from a quote buried in a Village Voice article on the failed gravity knife reform (emphasis added):

“The Manhattan D.A.’s Office generally opposes outright decriminalization of weapons that can be used as instruments of violent crime but has not actively opposed this bill,” Joan Vollero, a spokeswoman in Vance’s office, wrote in a statement emailed to the Voice. “We would support legislation that allows for people with bona fide needs for gravity knives to get permits to carry them.”

As we’ve seen with firearms laws around the country, such “good-cause” provisions are all too often used as an excuse by the local constabulary to deny the constitutional rights of all but the wealthy or politically connected. I shudder to think of the day this lunacy would expand toward pocketknives, an altogether more commonplace tool than a firearm.

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