Lego Brick AR Stock

We have known the man who invented this for well over a year.  He started marketing his idea at gun shows here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

While anti-gun groups and individuals rant and rail against “assault rifles” the AR platform has become just about the most versatile platform for making things that go bang.

Moreover it has become common for people to build their own whether from the bare receiver up or simply by mating an upper and a lower.  (A simple operation that requires the insertion of a couple of pins.

A few days ago I posted a teaser by a woman who built her own Muddy Girl Camo AR.

It’s nice to see someone who is struggling with getting an idea out there get a little publicity.

In the spirit of supporting fellow vendors at North Texas Gun Shows I’m putting up links to the Firearms Blog articles and to his web site.

From the Fire Arms Blog:

Lego Butt Stock for AR Mil-Spec Buffer Tube
Lego-loving shooters will want this stock

Lego Brick AR Stock

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