It’s Not Pink, It’s Muddy Girl Camo

I’ll admit I’m not much of a fan of pink guns or for that matter most bright colors including zombie green. Color wise I’m more into purples than pinks but that’s me and muddy girl camo with either pink or purple is fine by me.

The important thing is to get more women involved in the shooting sports because being able to use a gun to defend yourself (or any other weapon) shouldn’t just be a male thing.

The important thing is for women to pick their own guns.  Even if that means going through several before finding the right one.  It also means supporting women firearms instructors.

Over the years I’ve watched fathers, husbands and boyfriends pick guns they wouldn’t shoot for the girls and women in their lives.  I’ve seen them be the worst sort of instructors.  There is such a thing as being too emotionally close to the person you are trying to instruct.

With the gear that is right for them and good training women are becoming serious competitors in all of the shooting sports and are one of the fastest growing percentage of new gun owners.

I love how the author of this piece built her own AR because that’s a project I sort of want to under take one of these days.

From The Truth about Guns:

By Sara Tipton
May 9, 2015

I am often asked, “Why did you paint your AR-15 pink?” My most common response is, “It’s not pink, it’s Muddy Girl camo.” Other responses have included, “Because I wanted to,” and, “Because I can.” I even had one guy (a very gun-savvy individual) get rather snarky and ask, “What are you doing with a pink gun; hunting flamingos?” Of course any normal person knows you don’t dye your gun the color of the animal you are hunting. So after I almost gave myself a concussion face palming . . .

I explained that his opinion didn’t matter and that he’s not all the bright to insinuate that I’d need to blend in with the flamingos.  He countered, “But it isn’t tactical!”

I don’t shoot because I’m “tactical.” I wasn’t in the military and I have no experience shooting a weapon under stress (and hope I never have to). I shoot because I love shooting. I’m fascinated with guns and how they operate. I built my AR and have plans to build another. I have guns for self defense and carry and my decorating plans include eventually Hydro-Dipping the slide of my concealed carry handgun.

Women don’t buy pink guns or purple guns or teal guns or zebra stripe guns to fit in or blend in. We want to stand out. We want others to know that this is my gun. It isn’t daddy’s gun or my husband’s gun or my brother’s gun. It is mine.

But that isn’t the only reason. Women who Cerakote or Hydro-Dip their guns do it for themselves. They aren’t doing it to be accepted at the gun range, to be mocked by self-appointed know-it-alls. Most women simply want a pink gun. Or a Muddy Girl camo gun. Women who “paint” their guns do it because they want to and because they can.

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