Two Islamist Shahids (Martyrs) Shot Dead Out Side Garland Free Speech Event

We live in Garland.  Down near the LBJ.  Last night there was a shooting at the Curtis Culwell Center, which is up by the Bush and North Garland Road.

Tina and I were exhausted from doing our first two table show over in Fort Worth. We had celebrated  with a meat heavy meal at Saltgrass. We vegged out in front of ball games and didn’t hear about this story until this morning.

When we first moved to Texas back in 2003, we met some Garland PD at one of our first gun shows where they were showing off one of their Barrett .50 cal rifles. They were friendly and offered to let us fire it some time at their range.  We never got around to taking them up on it but we were impressed by their citizen outreach.

Last night’s shooting was at Pam Geller’s Draw Mohammed event. I’m not a fan of Pam Geller or the way she goes about things. I’m probably just as harsh a critic of Islamist ideology but more of the Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Hitchins, Harris, Maher sort.

Nonetheless I support her right to free speech.

I have been harshly anti-terrorist and have believed in the hunting down and killing of terrorists since Black September murdered the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

Last night Garland Police killed two Islamist Terrorists who were engaged in attacking the Geller event here in Garland.

Police: Garland cop quickly killed 2 gunmen, ‘probably saved lives’

White House on Garland attack: no act of expression justifies violence, even if it’s offensive

FBI had tracked terrorism plans of gunman in Garland attack as early as 2006

I want to send a big thank you to the brave Garland Police Officers who placed themselves between the Terrorists and the people at this event.

Police say the two gunmen were armed with assault rifles and wearing body armor when they pulled up to the Curtis Culwell Center shortly before 7 p.m. Sunday. They began shooting almost immediately and wounded an unarmed Garland ISD security guard who was with the officer. The officer returned fire and killed the gunmen.

“Under the fire that he was put under, he did a very good job and probably saved lives,” said police spokesman Joe Harn. “We had a SWAT react team in the back that very quickly responded within seconds and helped secure the scene.”

The officer’s name hasn’t been released. The security officer, Bruce Joiner, 58, was treated at a hospital for an ankle wound and released. He is a former Rowlett police officer.

I especially want to give a special thanks to security officer Bruce Joiner and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery from the injuries he sustained during the attack.

The Garland Police Department did a superb job in preventing what could have been another Charlie Hebdo type massacre.

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