Premier Gun Show in Lewisville This Weekend

Today we went and set up for the Premier Gun show up in Lewisville this weekend.

Our table is going to be loaded this weekend because we are going to two tables and were only able to get one for this show.

We have a Ruger Mini 14 in stainless steel, a nice Mossberg 500 with ported 24 or 26 inch barrel.  We have three black powder New Navy single action revolvers.  And more…

We have been receiving orders of knives and logging them in including some very special and hard to come by Spydercos.  I was actually able to get two Para-Military 2s.

We have a couple of brand new made in the USA Kershaws that I learned about from an ad on the back of Knives Illustrated.

We also have a lot more Cold Steel and if we can find space to display them CRKTs.

We are in our usual spot on an aisle near the right center side of the show and we are stoked.  We’ve only had one show since mid March and we miss seeing folks.

Come on by and say hi, we’ve missed the weekend visits.

The show is off of the 35E in Lewisville on the west side of the 35E just south of the Fox exit.

Show hours are:  Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm and Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm

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