The Sun is out, Blue Bonnets in Bloom, and We Have Our Office Working Again

Well sort of.  One desk top is up and running.  The one with the inventory Excel Spread Sheets that tell us what we have and how to price things.  The computer that keeps track of Shows we have signed up for. The computer I keep track of sales on.

Little things like that, the sort of things one needs to do to run an actual real live small business.

It’s really spring. We are really moved into a smaller home we can take care of and afford to live in.

On top of that we had a really great weekend. We only canceled out of one show (Lewisville) but gave us three weekends without a show and it was great to be back.

We have lots of new inventory on the way.  Some super Spydercos including one of those unobtainium Para-Military 2s. Lots of Cold Steel, Kershaws and CRKTs too.

Starting in May we will have two tables. Lots more knives and perhaps things like sharpeners.

We’re still unpacking so we won’t be up in Allen this weekend but we will be at the Premier Show in Lewisville the weekend of April 24-25.

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