Well, We Are Now Residents of Garland

The last 18 months or so have been very difficult for us.

We had an expansion tank on the hot water heater burst in our last home.  The genius architects decided that if they put the hot water heater in the attic they could maximize any damage the water would cause should such an event occur.

We had been getting ready to sell just before the flood.

Between the flood, fighting with the insurance company and repairs we slid into foreclosure and had to do some fancy dancing to avoid losing our house.

As of the 31 of March an upwardly mobile urban professional couple looking for a starter home became able to experience pride of ownership of that fine well designed Grand Homes residence.  I’m certain they will have a much better relationship with the HOA than we had our last year in Waterview.

As for us we have a nice single story house in Garland, more suited to our senior citizen reduced earning capacity.  Easier for  us to heat and cool.  No second story to tax our messed up knees.  No mortgage, lower heating and cooling costs and easier to care for.

Again we want to thank all our friends who helped us though these difficult times.  We never would have made it with out your help.

We will be at Big Town this coming weekend.

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