Gun Show Friends

Well, we are frantically packing after finishing the final repairs on our house yesterday.

Our realtor and the people buying the house do their final walk through today.

Then we do a final walk through on the house in Garland that we are moving into.

Tomorrow we seal the deal, transfer titles and are officially no longer residents of Rowlett Texas while becoming residents of Garland Texas.

I’m going to miss seeing the cattle and horses along with various other livestock that is still part of the rapidly urbanizing city of Rowlett.

Rowlett is a wonderful small city, but as senior citizens on a limited income we needed to downsize and the house we found in Garland is in a good area and meets our needs.

We couldn’t have gotten to this point without the help of two really super guys we met while doing the Gun Shows.  Frank and Tommy are absolutely wonderful Texas gentlemen, modest generous honorable men.

When the expansion tank on our hot water heater burst shortly before Christmas 2013 we freaked out.  The holiday that year saw our house fulled with blowers and dehumdifiers.  Walls were torn down, furniture trucked out and stored.

Then nothing insurance adjusters made estimates and kept us in the dark.

We talked to Tommy and Frank at the shows.  Tommy is a contractor and Frank is an independent insurance claims adjustor.  Frank helped us get action from the insurance company.

Tommy brought his crews of guys in and the house was put back together.

Other friends helped us economically.

The Waterview HOA has done its best to destroy us, levying outrageous fines and penalties at a time when our lives have been an economic disaster.

While this was happening we built our reputations selling quality every day carry knives and a few guns.

We want to give a super thanks to Frank and Tommy.

We also want to thank all the other vendors and the promoters who welcomed us into the family of vendors.

Lastly we want to thank all our regular customers and folks who stop by our table at every single show. You make doing the shows a hell of a lot of fun.

We’ll see y’all at Big Town in 2 weeks, April 11 & 12.

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