We Will Miss The Lewisville Show Our Next Show Will Be April 11-12 at Big Town

Some matters are beyond our control.

As many vendor and friends from the shows know we have spent the last year and a half dealing with the results of a ruptured hot water expansion tank that genius architects placed in the attic.

Our house is finally repaired.  It has been on the market for the last two months and under contract for the last few weeks.

We found a comfortable smaller house that fits our senior citizen/gun show business lifestyle much better than the beautiful house we could no longer take care of.

It is a really nice little house.  It’s in Garland, close to the LBJ and not that far from the 30.

We close on Monday.  Packing is a full time job at this point and we are not looking forward to the task of the actual move next Tuesday/Wednesday.

There are no shows the following Weekend as it is Easter and this year people checked the calender before scheduling a show on what is one of two of the most sacred Christian holidays.

We will be back the weekend after Easter.  We are looking forward to seeing folks at the Premier Gun Show.  The Show is at Big Town in Mesquite and we will be in our usual spot on the wall to the right of the entrance.


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