Gun Control Fanatics Call for Children to Steal Parents’ Firearms, Bring Them to Schools

Never mind the potential consequences for little Johnnie or Janey violating any sort of zero tolerance laws.  Consider their being caught carrying a loaded gun and killed by law enforcement officers because they presented a gun in a ‘gun free zone”.

I recall our great nation fighting a bloody war against Nazi totalitarianism several years before I was born.  I grew up during the Cold War era hearing about the practices of the USSR and China, who practiced left wing totalitarianism, the opposite pole from the Nazi version but with almost identical share characteristics.

Both versions of totalitarianism took extreme measures aimed at preventing any dissension from their iron fisted control.

Both forms of totalitarianism encouraged children to spy on their parents and turn them over to authorities for any violations of the rules of the totalitarian state.

Now we have the gun control fanatics cheerfully encouraging the same form of behavior.

Kudos to Truth About Guns for alerting to me to this video…

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