Benchmade Red Box Pika 2 and Mini Pika 2

Last weekend I took in a pair of Benchmade red box Pikas with stainless steel sides.

They are displayed but never used knives.  I wanted a chance to play with them and see how they compared to Spyderco knives that I regularly sell.

I generally liked the mini better as it is about the size knife I generally carry.  (I most often carry a Ken Onion designed Kershaw Leek or Scallion.)  I like slender knives with clips that are short enough to not pop free of my pockets when I sit or get in/out of cars.

The mini fit that bill. I am not a big fan of serrations as one of my main uses of my EDC knives is opening boxes and cutting boxes to fit for shipping.  Spyderco’s 50/50 serrations are bigger and less given to clogging in what I use a knife for.

I would keep the mini if it had a non-serrated blade because I liked the sizes, blade shape, overall thinness and  weight.

The Pikas are currently sold under the Heckler & Koch label with polymer sides and can be had without serrations.

They have a graceful modified Bowie profile.

They are made in China and appear to have the same level of build quality as Spyderco’s made in China value line(Ambitious, Tenacious etc.)  I will be pricing them in the $50 range.

I’m not planning on carrying Benchmade but I am glad to have had the chance to check out a couple of knives from their value line.  Getting to evaluate products we sell is a real perk of doing the weekly shows.  Along with getting to hold guns we’ve read about or heard about in either the magazines or on TV.

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