The consequences of cooperation

Years ago a study was done on whether or not fighting back improved or harmed the odds of rape victims surviving. I’ve long advocated fighting back against rapists using ever weapon at a woman has at hand from psychology to a concealed hand gun.

The study of rap victims appeared to show that women who resisted were more likely to survive and that fighting back did not lessen their odds of survival.

I have always thought that a sucking chest wound or gushing arterial slash wound would cause an attacker to discover he had much more pressing matters to attend to than continuing an attack upon me.

From Gun Nuts Media:

November 13, 2014

In the past few weeks a number of “news” organizations have taken to the air to offer advice to the general public on how to deal with home invaders. The suggestions in these pieces have been laughably absurd, including suggesting keeping wasp spray by the bedside to spray in an intruder’s eyes. A common suggestion in these stories, and indeed a common suggestion from the sort of people who push gun control, is to cooperate fully with the bad guy in hopes that he won’t hurt you.

If violent criminals operated on what we recognize as logic and reason, that might be somewhat useful advice…but bad guys don’t work that way. When I did a writeup on the two classes I took with Greg Ellifritz a couple of weeks ago, one of the things I neglected to mention was that Mr. Ellifritz has an exceptionally useful blog where he Hoovers up a bunch of interesting reading on a wide variety of subjects as well as giving his own worthwhile insight on some items. I want to direct you to a specific post about insults and challenges to bad guys. The whole thing is worth reading, but for our purposes today I want to focus on the following account:

“There is, however, a worthwhile learning point in the article. The robber walked into a store and fired a couple of shots from a rifle into the ceiling before demanding cash. The victim (a store manager) complied. As she was handing over the money, she was still stunned by what was going on. She made a careless comment, saying ‘you’re not going to shoot me’ to the robber. The robber took those words as a challenge and shot her in the leg before taking the money and running from the store. When asked by police if he felt any remorse, the robber replied that he did not. He blamed his actions on the victim, stating: ‘You don’t tell somebody that’s got a gun pointed at you that you’re not going to shoot them”

 This nicely describes the disconnect between the assumptions of people who urge cooperation with violent felons and the way violent felons behave in reality. There was no cause for attempted murder from the cooperative, helpless victim and yet the bad guy took offense over the slightest thing and put a bullet into her anyway. It turns out that the sort of guy who walks into a Dollar General store and fires a couple of shots into the ceiling before demanding money doesn’t have much of a mental barrier against shooting even a compliant and helpless person over nothing.

That’s not the only example, of course. Twenty two year old Gordon Schaffer was working the late shift at a pizza delivery joint when two men with guns entered and robbed the place. They demanded the money from the register and Mr. Schaffer complied immediately.

And then as they were leaving, one of them opened fire. Mr. Schaffer was hit in the chest and despite being airlifted to a trauma center died of his wounds.  Mr. Schaffer was perfectly compliant just like all the “experts” said he should be, and he was murdered. I’ll let the police investigating the crime sum it up for you:

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