Glock 42 Review: Smaller May Be Better

I haven’t had the chance to put any down range with one yet but I generally like the feel.

It is a Glock.  That means it doesn’t have a hammer or anything else to snag on a pocket or IWB holster.

It racks easy which is a big plus for many older shooters and women.

On the down side there are several 9mms out there that are about the same size including the Smith & Wesson M & P Shield which sells for less and 9mm is easier to find in a variety of loads.

Nonetheless the Glock 42 looks and feels like a slick concealed carry gun.

From Gun Digest:

November 5, 2014

Legions of American shooters have warmed up to the Glock striker-fired pistol platform over the past three decades but it could never quite get my juices flowing because of the rather square look and the grip frame simply didn’t fit my hand.

Now along comes the dandy little pocket-sized G42, a model chambered for the .380 ACP with a single-stack profile, and it’s gotten my attention. A pal of mine who is a reserve police officer rounded one up for an evaluation as a personal backup gun, and he let me run it through its paces. Long story short, I’m really impressed, and that comes from a guy who doesn’t really care so much for striker-fired semi-autos, as I tend to prefer the looks of a Model 1911 and its clones.

But those are .45-caliber guns and this is a .380, a classic cartridge that has been chambered in some of the most popular pistol models, including my dad’s Model 1934 Beretta, the legendary Walther PPK and the Colt Model 1908. In today’s lineup, one still finds the PPK, along with the Ruger LCP, Sig Sauer P238, Kahr P380, Colt Mustang Lite, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard and others chambered for the cartridge.

Bad news for all of those guns, this Glock is going to give them some very stiff competition. Glock’s new slim-line subcompact has already become very popular in a short time, and like other suddenly popular pistols, the gun maker has had to race to keep up with demand. Models aren’t sitting on store shelves very long.

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