Mosin Nagant Rear Target Sight

Now that they are getting scarcer and more expensive it appears that the manufacturers of firearms accessories have discovered what a diamond in the rough the lowly Mosin Nagant actually is.

After years and years of World War II films showing the Russians halting the Nazi war machine in the ruins of Stalingrad the Mosin Nagant is finally being seen as desirable.

Of course cans of mil-surp ammo with near 30-06/.308 ballistics plays a role in making this military surplus bolt action popular.

But something else is happening.

There is a resurgence in the practice of sporterizing and modifying WW I and WW II rifles.  Not the rare ones but the common place ones.

The Mosin Nagant sniper rifles are fetching prices north of the $500 mark and are collectables.

On the other end of the spectrum $200 Mosin Nagants are the material for projects. turned down bolts and scope mounts are just the start.

There are small things one can do to improve the rifle that do not require major modifications.

This rear site is one of those.

Mosin Nagant rear Target Sight

From The Firearms Blog:
by Ray I.

Check out this rear target sight for the Mosin Nagant I stumbled upon on eBay. Has anyone out there used this particular sight with their Mosin? At $30 shipped with no permanent mods done to my Mosin I’m tempted to give it a try. The Mosin Nagant 91/30 version can be found here, and the M38, M44,and M53 version can be found here.

New from Anacortes Prototypes, custom made rear target sight assembly for the Mosin Nagant rifle. Finally, you can quit monkeying around with other products and install actual target sights on your mosin nagant with no drilling or tapping.

This custom target rear sight assembly is windage and elevation adjustable and can be used with the G.I. front sight. It has a 80 – 500 yard capability and includes two apertures. It sells for $29.99 shipped.

Our products are manufactured in house on cnc centers from solid billets of T-3 aircraft grade aluminum and are hardcoat anodized. Everything we make comes with a unlimited lifetime warranty and we offer many in house gunsmithing services, including rifle accurizing and complete custom rifle builds.

For photos and full article go to:

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