Open-carry activists march through Detroit to protest arrest of black open-carry activist

Too often the main stream media treats gun ownership as a conservative white male issue and gun rights/knife rights along with right to armed self defense as something that only involves cranky white trash right wing old men.

That frame I describe as angry right wing white men excludes an awful lot of gun owners who support gun/knife rights along with the right of armed self defense.  One of my favorite gun rights groups is Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

I love these folks for their advocacy of minority firearms ownership.

As gun/knife rights and armed self defense advocates we need to shift the frame and show that advocates for those rights also include women, black and brown folks, lgbt folks and any minority groups I might have missed.

Indeed, I advocate firearms/knife rights and ownership for the members of any group that the police forces regularly fail to protect and serve.  Too often it seems as though the police care more about arresting some pot smoking kid than they care about protecting the right of people, who don’t live in certain exclusive neighborhoods, to protect themselves from robbery, assault, rape or murder.

Too many of us have made calls to the police because our lives have been in danger from criminals only to have the police show up hours later to collect evidence or worse yet to take a statement at the hospital or from our survivors.

Being a couple of old women working at gun shows many women and people from minority groups see us as being more sympathetic than some of the big dealers.  Part of that is because we aren’t swamped with people lined up to ask questions and can often spend 5-10 minutes answering questions.  We hear the concerns for personal safety of the small business owner or the home owner living in a neighborhood that has grown more crime infested over the years.

Gun Rights, Knife Rights and the Right to Armed Self Defense Are an Issue that Concerns Everyone Including People from Minority Groups

After JPFO the NRA seems the most active of gun rights groups working to draw in women and minorities.  I actually would like to see more effort made at returning the fight for those rights to a bi-partisan status as there are many blue collar, retail working Democrats who believe just as strongly in the rights of working people to own firearms and defend themselves from violence as many of the most conservative Republicans.

I was in California when Reagan signed the bill in to law that gave California some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.  That law was a direct reaction to open carry by Bobby Seale’s and Huey P. Newton’s original Black Panther Party for Self defense.

Well it seems like Black Folks advocating the same thing the original Black Panther Party did nearly 50 years ago are still upsetting the police.  Maybe African American Citizens would feel less need to arm themselves for purposes of self defense if police actual did the job of protecting and serving the black community instead of focusing on the failed war on drugs.

From Michigan Live: Gun-toting open-carry activists protest Detroit police with march through city

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