Magpul not going to develop AR pistol brace

When I first started seeing people demonstrating the AR pistol “arm brace” at show a few months ago I thought they were behaving in a manner aimed at arousing the ire of the ATF agents who so often attend gun shows as under cover investigative agents.

I thought that if people were too stupid to figure out the alternative uses of the arm brace on their own then maybe it wasn’t for them.

Of course I tend to prefer a carbine length barrel on an AR.  I got caught up in the idea of owning one of those short barreled fire breathing .223 pistols back when the Keltec PLR-16 first came out.  The ergonomics were bad and even with plugs and ear muffs the noise was damaging.

So much for being influenced by the action movies we love.

If you want a compact packaged .223/5.56 that can be fired from the shoulder there are always bullpups.

That said the “arm braces” are accessories not guns.  Looking back to around the start of the 20th century you can find a number of hand guns with stocks, most notably the Mauser automatic pistol.



While there are more than a few people hoping for Magpul to jump on the “pistol brace” bandwagon with a class of product only they can deliver, it doesn’t seem likely that the company will ever develop an AR brace, cheekpiece or other “don’t call it a stock” device.

The decision is not for production or sales purposes, but rather legal and political ones, explained Magpul’s marketing director Duane Liptak, Jr. on the M4 Carbine forum.

“More braces and more opinion requests might just hasten an end to this whole market through an opinion reversal, which isn’t good for anyone, so we’ll likely steer clear of any products in this vein,” wrote Liptak. “I would prefer to see the ATF realize that this whole SBR thing is silly, as pointed out by the arm brace opinion, so that short barrels are no longer a determinant of NFA status.

“With all the more strict gun control in many, less free nations around the world, I’m not aware of anyone else that sees barrel length as something that needs to be controlled. It’s silly.”

The company will stick to what they’re currently up to for the foreseeable future.

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