‘Sons of Guns’ Stephanie Hayden Says Her Father Raped Her Too

Those of you who have visited our table at various shows around North Texas know that Tina and I are outdoors women, or were when we were younger and stronger.

Tina grew up fishing in the ocean while I grew up in the mountains fishing streams, running in the woods, picking berries and hunting partridge, pheasants and rabbits.

I’m the knife lady, the one showing those Kershaws, Spydercos and other knives.

You see there is more to the story.  There is a reason I am passionate about my rights and the rights of other women to engage in armed self defense.

Forty years ago I was attacked, raped and escaped being a murder victim. I had a few remarkable men friends who gave me various weapons, one even paid for Taekwondo lessons.

I saw how ill equipped most women were when it came to unarmed self defense so I started advocating armed self defense with both knives and guns.

The problem is how do we teach girls and young women to defend themselves against rapists when the rapist is a member of their own family.

I actually liked “Sons of Guns” initially.  Hell I’m a sucker for shows featuring small time blue collar entrepreneurs.  I love “Storage Wars” and “Down East Dickerers”.

But there was something that really creeped me out about “Sons of Guns”.

One of the young men who worked at the shop went to Will Hayden and asked permission to start dating his daughter, Stephanie.  The way Will reacted it was as though this young man had asked to start dating his wife.

We wanted to like that show, the same way we like Top Shot and a bunch of shows on Gun TV.  But that incident was so weird and creepy we were completely turned off to the show and stopped watching it.

This last summer I’ve been reading all of Lee Childs “Jack Reacher” books and Andrew Vachss “Burke” books.

Andrew Vachss is a defender of children.  His “Burke” series is about an outlaw family led by Burke a former criminal and former mercenary.  They hunt down and kill predators who rape and abuse children including parents who rape and abuse their own children.

Watch Andrew Vachss address the issues at:  THE FAMILY-OF-CHOICE WEBCAST

Working the show around North Texas has meant we have met some really cool people.

One group of folks I have been meaning to give a big shout out of support to has been Bikers Against Child Abuse, specifically their Texas Chapters.

Adults are not supposed to hurt children.  Adults are not supposed to have sex with children. Fathers are not supposed to have sex with their daughters.

No excuses.

From Bikers Against Child Abuse


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