Oh, the Things We Choose Not to See! / David Frum Blames Militarization of Police on Guns in Hands of “the Policed”

Two From JPFO

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership is hands down one of my favorite gun rights organizations.

Jewish people know the dangers inherent in being an often despised minority, especially given the history of people attacking them, murdering them and committing genocide against them.

I first noticed armored personnel carriers being trucked around the suburban communities near where I live several years ago.  My first thought was, “WTF?”

We are safe low crime suburban communities, why do the police need vehicles that are armored up like something one would expect to see in Iraq?

During the post 9/11 years of G.W. Bush’s Presidency some people on the left talked about how the government had concentration camps to round up dissidents.  Now Obama is President and people on the right talk about the same concentration camps and the same plans to round up dissidents.

Funny how left and right have the same concerns about government tyranny and the overt militarization of the police forces.

When people get too focused on just the Second Amendment I try to remind them about the rest of the Bill of Rights and supports for personal liberties that belong to all American citizens as a birth right.

The job of the Police used to be to protect and serve.  Now it seems to be to control and repress.

From Claire Wolfe:
Oh, the Things We Choose Not to See!

August 16th 2014

A week ago, most likely you’d never heard of Ferguson, Missouri. Now, you’re probably sick of hearing about the aftermath of policeman Darren Wilson’s killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown — events that made Ferguson the center of the media world.

You may believe that Brown was an innocent, unarmed kid headed for college or that he was the formidably vicious strong-arm robber shown in surveillance videos. You may believe Brown was on his knees, arms raised in surrender and supplication when Wilson executed him. You may believe that Wilson fired in self defense as Brown lunged for the officer’s gun. You may believe the shooting was an act of fatal racism or the justified elimination of a garden-variety criminal whose race was irrelevant.

Only one thing is certain and now obvious to nearly everybody now: Policing in the U.S. has gone completely wrong.

Small-town occupying armies

Ferguson and St. Louis County police teamed up to turn a tense aftermath into a disaster. They tear-gassed and shot rubber bullets at non-violent protestors. They arrested reporters for the non-crime of taking video. They strong-armed innocent people more thuggishly than the robber of that Ferguson convenience store ever did. They acted in ways George Orwell warned about, informing protestors that “Your right to assembly is not being denied” — even as they denied it. They incited rage by witholding the shooter’s name for nearly a week — something they would never have done had he not been a cop.

From Kurt Hofmann
David Frum Blames Militarization of Police on Guns in Hands of “the Policed”

August 20th, 2014

David Frum, formerly a speechwriter for President George W. Bush, is probably thought by many to be a largely “conservative” voice in American politics. Reinforcing that notion, Frum has served on the board of directors of the Republican Jewish Convention which in turn describes itself as “the most important voice on conservative political issues for the Jewish-American community.”

If so, it’s apparently a brand of “conservatism” that does not seek to “conserve” the right to keep and bear arms, as Frum’s Twitter feed commentary on the Ferguson, Missouri unrest demonstrates. Responding to the news that gun shops in the area have been very busy since the police killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed, black 18-year-old, sparked community outrage and racial tension, Frum sarcastically sneered:

Because what’s needed now is more weaponry

That is indeed precisely what is needed by those who are not already equipped to defend themselves from looters and violent “protesters,” not to mention the occupying army sent to crush them–along, apparently, with anyone else who annoys them.

Next, Frum notes that about 42 percent of police deaths this year were by gunfire. Whether that statistic is intended to justify the shooting death of unarmed Michael Brown, or the outrageously heavy-handed efforts to quell the unrest (a task now being handed off by the heavily militarized police to the actual military, as the National Guard is brought in), we can only guess.

Frum also asks if anyone thinks that “things [would] be better in Ferguson if the demonstrators were armed.” Well, some of the brutalized demonstrators might.

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