A Stream Runs Through It

I don’t need to tell most of you that Texas is in a multi-year drought.

A lot of outdoor people fish as well as hunt and shoot so you know how dry the lakes are.

We live over in Rowlett, near Lake Ray Hubbard. When we have enough rain the lake is full, the boat docks don’t look like abandoned pergolas in the middle of fields with boats hanging from them.

In Rowlett, Texas 66/Lakeview Parkway crosses over a shallow finger of Lake Ray Hubbard.  There hasn’t been much water in the section north of Lakeview Parkway for the last few years.

This year there hasn’t been any.  It’s a meadow with a stream running through it.  The same is true of the side of the lake that is west of Rowlett Road.

The gun shows have an element of Mother Earth News marries Soldier of Fortune and gives birth to lots of preppers.

We are old so we fall more into the thrivalist category than the survivalist.  Face it senior citizens aren’t going to make very good lone wolf type survivalists if we are hit with an apocalyptic form of TEOWAWKI.

At the same time we like the idea of getting our honey from some of the folks who keep bees and sell honey across from us at the Lonestar Show in Fort Worth.  They to are older folks, trying to make it in a world that doesn’t seem to have much space for the smallest of small businesses.

At a few shows they have been selling windmills outside the door.

We’ve met an older gentleman who sells water filtration units with porous ceramic filters.  With the drought the quality of water has gone down and bottled water, while convenient can get expensive rather quickly.  Besides…  What if something happened to the water purification plant.  In Texas heat you need at least 2-3 quarts of clean pure water a day or you are toast.

At one of the Fort Worth shows someone was selling water collection tanks to collect the run off water from people’s roofs when we do get rain.

Without water our yards try to turn back in to fields and prairie which brings us nasty letters from the HOAs, yet the Utilities Companies have upped the price of water to the point where we couldn’t afford to water even if the restrictions on watering were lifted.

Now I love good food.  Meat that tastes like meat, vegetables that taste like vegetables.

You can’t do much about the meat at gun shows but you can find several people at each show selling heirloom seeds, seeds that produce traditional vegetables that taste like the vegetables we had back fifty years ago.

You can also find various first aid kits and freeze dried food.  Being able to provide your own emergency care and eat can be important.  Over the last ten years we have had hurricanes Katrina and Sandy that emptied store shelves and knocked out power to various places for a few days to over a couple of months.

Solar panels and generators round out the list of things that will help in an emergency.  Unfortunately you probably aren’t going to find those at gun shows.

Some prepping is common sense, even if you are planning on hunkering down and riding out any short term emergency in the comfort of your own home.

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