Brady Campaign “Smart Gun” Lawsuit Illustrates Their Yearning to Mandate Them

From Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership:

By Kurt Hofmann,
May 21st 2014

On Monday, the Brady Campaign filed a lawsuit against New Jersey Attorney General John Jay Hoffman in an attempt to enjoin him to report that a “smart gun” is now on the U.S. market, thereby starting the clock on New Jersey’s 2002 law requiring that within three years of such a handgun hitting the market, only those handguns so equipped will be sold in the state.

A gun control group is suing to force New Jersey’s attorney general to report on the availability of handguns that fire only when held by the owner — a requirement that could eventually lead to the so-called “smart” guns being the only kind of handgun legally available for sale in the state.

According to a 2002 law, if the state finds that “smart” guns are available on the market, a three-year time frame begins before the technology would be required for all handguns sold in the state.

It’s actually debatable that such a gun is on the market. The Armatix iP1, a .22 caliber semi-automatic handgun built in Germany, has almost reached dealer’s shelves, once in California and once in Maryland, but furious backlash from gun rights advocates stopped those plans before they could be put into action.

But never mind that. Consider instead that the Brady Campaign wants for the only handgun available to New Jersey residents to be chambered in the woefully inadequate for self-defense .22 caliber. They want to force them to spend $1400 on the gun, and another $400 on the required “magic wristwatch”– a poll tax on self-defense. They want New Jersey residents’ lives to depend on keeping fresh batteries in the watch and gun, be certain to keep the watch within 10 inches of the gun (tricky, if one has to switch hands, while using the off-hand to fend off an attacker) — and to enter a PIN number before the gun can be fired. And with all that, the gun can still be expected to fail once over the course of firing a ten-round magazine.

And it still gets worse. Armatix appears to have filed for a patent application on a provision for a “kill switch,” so that others (whether government muscle, or freelance criminals) can remotely turn your self-defense off. Every aspiring American tyrant’s dream — an “off switch” for the Second Amendment. Such a device need not be particularly complicated, of course. Any system that requires a radio signal to function is rendered useless when that signal is jammed–technology that has existed for about as long as radios have. Or, a portable EMP device could just fry the gun’s and watch’s electronics forever.

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