Lone Star Gun Show In Fort Worth This Weekend

This week we will be over in Fort Worth at the Will Rogers Center.

We will probably be in our usual Lone Star Show location, which is to the right as you enter the show, about five aisles in from the wall and in the center section.

If we are in our usual spot we will be next to T.R. Graham, Glock wizard and a man with encyclopedic knowledge of firearms in general.

We have five guns this week ranging from a .22 caliber Jennings pocket pistol to a .44 mag Ruger Blackhawk.

I have a new shipment of knives that includes a number of Kershaws, an HK made by Bench Made and a Zero Tolerance.  These are along with my Spyderco/Byrd knives, CRKTs and Boker automatic knives.

So if you are free this weekend, come on over to the show, drop by our table, fondle some guns and knives… Or just say hi because these shows are as much about the social as they are about having to buy something every time.

However, we will be glad to sell you a new knife or  gun, which is why we try to bring something new and different to every show.


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