Premier Gun Show at Big Town in Mesquite this Weekend

We just got back from setting up at Big Town for the Gun Show this weekend.

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of our regularly doing gun shows.

At first we did a couple of shows each month because we had to get into Premier and Lone Star shows, but we made sure we were wait listed and were persistent.

We had to deal with a serious learning curve, but as folks saw we were serious about being good honest vendors of “Guns,Ammo and Knives” and weren’t there to sell miscellaneous stuff like Scentsys and jewelry. People started giving us tips as to where to go to find products to resell, where to get gun repaired etc.

We now have folks who come and see us at every local show we do. Ask us for advice on guns and knives.

Due to the volatility of the ammo market and our inability to compete with the bigger vendors our focus has shifted more to guns and knives.  A big bonus for us is that guns and knives are a whole lot lighter than ammo and so setting up is a lot easier.

So come on by.  We are actually bringing some fishing rods and reels to the show this week along with some really great every day carry knives.

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