Glen Rose Gun Show and the Bayou Cajun Restaurant

We continued our streak of weekend gun shows come ice storms or holiday weekends this last weekend.

We debated passing on the show in Glen Rose this last weekend. While other businesses work holidays, Costco the last big box store I worked for closed Easter and for several other holidays.

Tina and I debated the matter saying, “How many folks will possibly show up at this show given the religious importance of Easter and usual gatherings of families for special dinners and the like.

Then we remembered that the Dallas Cowboys play home games on both Thanksgiving and Christmas to packed stadiums.  The amount of time folks have for hobbies and recreation is less than it used to be in the past.  Also the Brazos Valley doesn’t have the number of gun show per year that they have in D/FW.

While it was a slow show we sold enough to cover our expenses and pay some bills.  Always an important consideration for the small time business that is just getting started.

More importantly we had time to talk with other vendors.  Ed and Randell Hearne, who put on the Brazos Valley Gun show are really nice laid back folks.  The Sunday morning breakfast tacos at the concession stand beat the offerings of any early morning fast food chain.

We got tips from folks on places we could do swap meets with different items that we are going to have to sell as part of the necessary process of down sizing our home.  We were told to get a table at the Arlington Outdoor Show that takes place in February and Trader’s Village Shows in Arlington.

One vendor suggested we check pawn shops for rifle scopes.  Earlier this year we were told about the inexpensive shadow box display cases sold at Hobby Lobby.  This show a vendor mentioned that Hobby Lobby sold rabbit pelts, something that could be used to spot light a special gun or knife.

I’m going to give Jim Warrington a plug. He builds wooden display cases in various sizes and sells them at very reasonable prices.  They are a bit smaller than some of the commercially available cases.  This means they don’t overhang the table and are lighter and easier to transport in a car, wagon or SUV for those of us with out a trailer or van.  Support your local crafts people when they have a product you can use.  These cases are reasonably priced and very functional.

Saturday evening we had dinner at the Bayou Cajun Restaurant on Rte 67.

Pretty amazing food and atmosphere for a small town restaurant.  The Cajun music was way cool.  The pistolettes were incredible, the shrimp étouffée had enough heat without over powering the flavor and beignets were super.

All and all it was a pretty darn good weekend.

Next weekend we will be at the Premier Show in Cedar Park just north of Austin.

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