5 concealed-carry alternatives

I have carried some form of concealed weapon or other pretty much everywhere I have gone for the last forty years.

Most often that has been a knife.

Forty years ago I survived an extremely harrowing experience. I was kidnapped and raped, threatened with murder. I managed to talk my attacker out of killing me and I escaped with only being raped.

I was a photographer in those days and often carried a thousand or more dollars worth of equipment around my neck in some pretty rough areas.

I was friends with some really neat guys, other photographers and a couple of recording/sound engineers.  After hearing of my attack one gave me a set of nunchaku, another gave me pepper spray and yet another gave me a Buck 112.  A cop I knew urged me to get a small gun and carry it illegally.

I’m a firm believer in women keeping and bearing arms.  I believe every woman should have the ability to defend herself from attackers and that means the ability to have on her person a weapon that she is capable of using in her own self defense.

I’ve seen too many women victimized over my life time to believe in the innate goodness of people.  Most may be good but there are way too many monsters out there who think of women purely as victims.  My stomach churns every time I hear of serial killers and I think…

If only one of those women had been carrying a concealed handgun maybe some of those women would be alive today.

From Women’s Outdoor News:  http://www.womensoutdoornews.com/2014/03/five-concealed-carry-alternatives/

March 14, 2014

Although I am a fierce advocate of on-body carry of a firearm for self-defense, I realize that not everyone is comfortable doing so, and those who are, may be prevented from carrying at their workplaces or in certain areas due to their individual state’s laws.

For example, in Michigan, I am prevented from carrying a firearm in a number of different areas, including schools (but may carry in the while in a vehicle on school property while dropping off or picking up if a parent or legal guardian,) public or private day care centers, sports arenas or stadiums, taverns where the primary source of income is the sale of alcoholic liquor by the glass consumed on the premises, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, or other places of worship (unless the presiding official allows concealed weapons), entertainment facilities that have a seating capacity of 2,500 or more, hospitals, dormitories or classrooms of community colleges/colleges/universities and casinos.

So, what items can I carry when a handgun is not allowed? Below are 5 concealed-carry alternatives for everyday use.*


Knives come in various shapes, sizes, colors and costs, so there is sure to be one that will fit your needs. It is easy to conceal a knife in the back pocket of your jeans or in the small, zippered compartment of your purse. You will want to check your state’s knife laws to make sure that your knife is within the allowed blade length before concealing. Also, please note that knives are considered lethal weapons.

According to Lou Ann Hamblin, owner of LouKa Tactical Training, LLC, “If an individual produces a knife to either a civilian or a law enforcement professional and that civilian (aka victim) or police officer felt they were in imminent danger, their lives were in jeopardy and that the individual holding the knife had the ability to carry out an assault with the knife, then shooting the person (aka suspect) would be justified. Knives are therefore considered lethal weapons.”

Continue reading at:  http://www.womensoutdoornews.com/2014/03/five-concealed-carry-alternatives/

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