The Beretta Gallery

Dallas is one of the few cities in the US that has a Beretta Gallery.

It is in one of the oldest shopping malls in the country located at Preston and Mockingbird.

We dropped a Beretta Tomcat 3032 off for repairs yesterday.

Tip of the Week:  Read The Fine Manual that comes with your new gun prior to disassembling it for cleaning.

The people who owned the Tomcat prior to us did not do that.

They made the mistake of removing the pistol’s grips in spite of a very clear warning not to.

Tiny parts: Bearings and springs went sprong and flew around the room, never to be found again.

It turns out that Beretta has special tools for putting it back together along with the tiny springs and miscellaneous other parts that went flying.

Oh well…

We had the opportunity to feast our eyes upon some very, very fine shotguns that cost astronomical sums of money along with some that were merely expensive but affordable should we ever win a small lottery.


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