Premier Gun Show This Weekend at the Will Rogers Center in Fort Worth

This weekend’s weather is looking like a preview of early Spring.

Pitchers and catchers have started reporting to Spring training and soon it will be time for the Baseball Season to start.

Honestly we are glad that we have had a mild winter. December was a really rough month for us.  The ice storm at the start of the month and then a plumbing disaster that has us living in a couple of rooms of our house while dealing with dry-out, insurance claims and repairs.

The last thing we have needed  to do was travel to shows with snow and icy roads.

We aren’t sure where we will be at the show this weekend and will post something about our location tomorrow evening.

We watched Shooting USA’s round up of the Shot Show and have to say there are some really neat new guns out there.  I’d love to spend some range time with that new baby Glock 42.  It looks like it might knock Sig Sauer’s 238 out of its top spot for pocketable .380s.

Then there is that new semi auto Benelli Ethos.  Man that’s sure one pretty shotgun, perfect for clays or game birds.  Benelli manages co combine technology with classic craftsmanship in the Ethos.

This weekend we will be bringing a Glock 23, .40caliber and a Beretta Tomcat in .32.

We have a bunch of 17 round Glock 17 magazines.

We are also catering to the switchblade craze with a number of low cost switchblades, both the classic stiletto and a couple of out the front models.  We also have some small ones that won’t freak out your co-workers when you use them to open a package at work.

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