Mesquite Rodeo Show Nov. 23-24

Tina and I were rather down after the Fort Worth Show and so I didn’t get around to posting an announcement of out being at the Mesquite Rodeo Show this last weekend.

Sometimes doing a show is just what it takes to get the enthusiasm flowing again, especially when we bump into some of the really nice and supportive folks who tell us they had the same things happen to them and that we should just buck up because it happens to everyone.

We kind of like the smaller shows like the ones at Mesquite Rodeo better than the Market Hall or Fort Worth Shows.  We just have one table and we sort of get lost among all the multi table vendors with all their products and big signs.

We also love Mesquite Rodeo because it is the closest show to Rowlett, where we live and at this time of year with the early sundown and potential for bad weather that counts for a lot.

We want to give a really big shout out to Frank, Tommy and Jesse.  Especially Frank for the heartwarming comment he left on the Fort Worth post from last week.  You guys are super. Tina and I really appreciate your support.  You are always welcome to drop by our table and just say hi.  We love you guys.

Hey out there Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll.  Don’t let Black Friday madness destroy a truly American Holiday, a time of blessing and counting our blessings.

There’s plenty of time for shopping the rest of the long weekend.

Remember the real war on Christmas isn’t about people wishing you “Happy Holidays” or cards that say “Season’s Greetings”.  The real war on Christmas is the over commercialization of a time for gathering with family and friends, a time for remembering the real moral behind Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”.
On Black Friday we will be setting up at Market Hall for the  show that is Nov. 30-Dec. 1.

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