Fort Worth Gun Show this Weekend

We set up this afternoon for this weekend’s Gun Show in Fort Worth.

We are on the same aisle as Big State, next to T.R. Graham.

We keep procrastinating on getting a real sign printed.  But we are dedicated to  being at the shows with quality goods at reasonable prices.

This week we have a selection of Damascus knives.

We are also offering a Christmas Stocking stuffer special: 10 of our assisted opening knives for $60.  That’s just six dollars each.  Great presents for friends and co-workers.

So come on by our table and say hi.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing folks.

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1 Response to Fort Worth Gun Show this Weekend

  1. Frank says:

    Dear Suzy and Tina:

    I know we have only known each other a few months but you both feel like long time friends. Myself, my brother and Tommy always look forward to seeing you at the gun shows and enjoy very much speaking with you and seeing what you have to offer. You always impress us with your honesty, character, knowledge and fair pricing. You truly represent the best the firearms community has to offer, and there are tons of very nice folks in this community. Thanks again for always making us feel welcome and for all the great deals you have provided to my friends and myself. As always, it was a real pleasure seeing you both at Mesquite this weekend. See you again soon.

    Warmest regards,

    Frank (Tommy and Jesse)

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