Gun Show in Paris Tx this Coming Weekend

This coming weekend Tina and I will be at Allen Bowles Show up in Paris, Tx.

It’s our first visit to Paris, Tx.  It is one of those places we keep saying we should visit, just to see.  Sort of like Archer City.  Places made famous by movies we watched long ago.

One of the cool things about doing the gun shows is that shows in some of these place provide an incentive to actually go there and spend a couple of days.

This week we have a couple of really nice Ruger rifles.  A stainless steel 10/22 with a Butler Creek folding stock, its original walnut wood stock and a 25 round Ruger Factory Magazine.  The extra stock is real walnut not the laminate.

We also have a Ruger Model 77 Mark II in .270 with a Nikon scope, again with really pretty wood.

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