Finding Time To Go To the Range

Starting a business on a shoe-string is a lot of work.

There is a huge learning curve, fortunately many of the folks working the gun shows here in North Texas are generous with their advice and support. We were told to check out the importers on Harry Hines Blvd for merchandise to sell, Gunbot for sources of ammo.

Others made suggestions regarding our knife display techniques including telling us where to obtain cheap display cases.

So much to do including starting this Blog and a Facebook page Please go and like this page.

So much to do coupled with the high costs of ammunition has limited our range time.

After selling off a number of my all time favorite guns  I was down to one personal handgun, a 9mm 1911.  At the Market Hall Show in September we took in a really cool Smith and Wesson 9mm M & P with a safety.  I checked out the grip inserts and found it to be a perfect fit.

This required us to schedule a visit to our range (Bullet Trap, Plano).  We hadn’t been since the panic in the winter/spring when the place was packed with newbies.

To our surprise it was easy for Tina and me to get a couple of lanes so we could put a 150 or so rounds down range.

The M & P is a perfect gun for me.  Lighter than my Sig 9mm 229 and just as accurate and smooth operating.  A real keeper.  I noticed the rear sight was a little off center so when I get some time and a little money I’ll take it up to Gun Masters and have them check the sight settings.

The important take away from this post is that Tina and I aren’t just a couple of old women sitting behind a table at the weekend gun shows.  We are sport shooters who love our guns and love punching holes in paper at the range.  We may not be Top Shot competitors but the thrill of getting a tight group is still there along with our love of guns.

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