Premier Gun Show at Will Rogers Center in Fort Worth This Weekend

It’s been nearly six weeks since we were last over in Fort Worth.  This weekend we are in our usual spot for the Fort Worth Premier Show.

We’ve been bringing in lots of new knives mostly automatics.  We have a couple of Pro-Tech and a Microtech along with our Spydercos and Benchmades.

We decided to carry only USA made Kershaws and have a good selection of their automatics.

Show Hours are:

Saturday:      9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday:       10:00am-4:00pm

Admission is $9 and kids under 12 are FREE! Say “SHOTGUN” at the gate for $1 off the cost of admission. We’ll see you there!

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The Terror Watch List And Due Process Of Law

A lot of people fail to understand how much the Second Amendment is connected to other rights which are under attack.  Privacy rights, the right to due process.

One can support the police and still questions some practices of those police such as illegal search and seizure.

Inalienable rights are rights all people have.

From America’s 1st Freedom:

The core mission of the NRA is, of course, to protect our fundamental right to keep and bear arms. In doing so, we also fight to ensure that our firearm freedom is not restricted without due process of law. Our opponents, however, never miss a chance to try to eliminate our Second Amendment-protected rights and would freely discard the rest of the Bill of Rights to do so.

In June, our country was shaken to the core by another terrorist attack on U.S. soil—this time in Orlando, Fla. This was another in an increasing number of domestic terrorist attacks by radical Islamic jihadists.

Some irresponsible media and political figures went so far as to suggest that the NRA or our members want to make it easier for terrorists to obtain firearms.

This isn’t just wrong, it’s infuriating. NRA members have given their lives fighting the war on terror. When it comes to national security, we take a backseat to no one.

Let’s set the record straight right now: The NRA believes that terrorists should not be allowed to purchase or possess firearms. Period.

Anyone on a terror watch list who tries to buy a gun should be thoroughly investigated by the FBI. If the investigation uncovers evidence of terrorist activity or involvement with terror groups, the government should be allowed to immediately go to court, block the sale and arrest the terrorist.

At the same time, due process protections must be put in place that allow law-abiding Americans who are wrongly put on a watch list to be removed from it. Constitutional rights should not be denied without due process of law.

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Newsweek Op-Ed: War on Drugs Causes Half of Gun Deaths

From Range 365:

By David Maccar
August 16, 2016

An opinion piece posted on raises some interesting counterpoints to the basic elements at the core of the gun control argument.

At the onset, the piece likens the United State’s war on drugs to alcohol prohibition laws in the early 20th century and the steady rise in homicide rate seen between 1920 and 1933.

“Fast-forward 82 years, and we are in the midst of Prohibition 2.0. This time we call it the war on drugs, and its impact is even more deadly,” writes Jay Stooksberry.

“If concerned citizens want to get serious about reducing gun violence, the should be encouraged to focus less on policies that are ineffective—“assault weapons” bans, gun buyback programs, and outright confiscation—and focus more on ending our failed, four-decade-long, overly militarized, trillion-dollar battle against narcotics,” he continues.

Stooksberry goes on to put gun violence in perspective. While guns are used in nearly three-fourths of all American homicides, he points out that as many as half of those murders are drug-related.

“What typically brings gun control to the forefront of our political dialogue is the recurring tragedy of a mass shooting. However, mass shootings receive a disproportionate amount of media attention considering how much they actually contribute to our national homicide rate,” he writes. “…the violence caused by the drug war overshadows the bloodshed of mass shootings. Though difficult to quantify due to inconsistent reporting, estimates of drug-related homicides reach as high as 50 percent of the total homicides in the United States.”

Complete article at:

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Back To Work: Premier Show At Big Town in Mesquite this Weekend.

Well it was really, really nice having a weekend off, last week.  Sleep in, lazy breakfast, read the Sunday papers on Sunday instead of looking at them the night before the garbage goes out.  I can see how folks could get used to that sort of life style.

But this weekend we are back at one of our close to home shows, Big Town.  Less than 15 minutes from our front door and run by Michelle and crew.

We have some nice deer rifles, Deer season is rapidly approaching.

We have lots of made in the USA knives.  Benchmade, Pro-Tech and a Microtech.  We are starting to have a full range of Spyderco, including a few discontinued models.

Show hours are:

Saturday:     9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday:      10:00am-4:00pm

See you there.

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The Second Amendment Is Every American’s Right

Freedoms and rights are inalienable, meaning they apply to everyone.

From America’s 1st Freedom:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

On June 12, Americans awoke to news reports of a mass shooting in Orlando, Fla. The night before, a 29-year-old man, armed with a handgun and rifle, had walked into Pulse nightclub and began shooting at the 300-plus who had gathered for a night of music, fun and dancing. Over the next few hours, 49 people were killed and 53 more were injured in what would become the worst terror attack on American soil since 9/11, and America’s deadliest mass shooting by a single shooter.

But make no mistake, this was no random attack. Pulse is a popular gay hangout, a place where members of the LGBT community go to feel safe, accepted and free to be themselves. So it was much more than a terror attack—it was a hate crime of epic proportions. Ultimately, it was the deadliest incidence of violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in American history.

In the wake of the attack, our nation mourned for the victims and their families. But those condolences swiftly and predictably turned into calls for more gun-control legislation—even though the attack was carried out in a gun-free zone.

For others, however, the hate crime became a call to arms for the LGBT community to take safety into their own hands. In her latest report, Ginny Simone investigates the growing trend of firearm ownership in the LGBT community. She meets with firearm instructors who are donating their time to teach new shooters, and she talks with gay gun owners who are leading the charge for change.

Ginny visited the Shiloh Shooting Range in Houston, Texas, where an offer of free concealed-carry classes to the LGBT community brought an overwhelming response. Some 653 participants later, Shiloh instructors say they’re not only helping gays exercise their Second Amendment rights, they’re building bridges between two historically misaligned groups.

Complete article at:

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Diminishing Returns and Firearm Performance

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Gun Controllers Peddle Declining Ownership Myth Amid Massive Growth in Firearms Manufacturers


Friday, August 12, 2016

While wishful gun control supporters keep peddling the fiction that gun ownership is declining, the firearms industry is growing at an explosive pace in order to meet a growing demand. Earlier this week, Arek Sarkissian of the Naples Daily News wrote a piece highlighting the aggressive growth in licensed gun manufacturers. As the content of the article made clear, interest in firearms is booming and the firearms industry is a vibrant sector of the U.S. economy.

As Sarkissian pointed out, at the outset of Barack Obama’s presidency in 2009, ATF had issued 3,040 active Type 07 Federal Firearms Licenses to manufacture firearms. The most recent ATF data available places the current number of Type 7 FFLs at 10,958. This is a more than 250 percent increase in the number of licensed firearms manufacturers over the past eight years.

Writing for a Florida news outlet, Sarkissian noted that the Sunshine State trails only Texas in number of gun manufacturers. From 2009 to August 2016, the number of Florida gun manufacturers has grown from 155 to 701, while Texas has gone from 219 to 1,146.

However, it’s not only traditionally pro-gun states that have experienced significant growth in firearms manufacturing in recent years. In January 2012, Massachusetts had 97 Type 07 FFLs, it now has 162. Over the same time period, California more than doubled from 229 manufacturers to 520, and Illinois grew from 124 to 187. Despite the best efforts of New York’s politicians, the state went from having 106 manufacturers to 187. Even licensed manufacturers in the anti-gun stronghold of New Jersey nearly doubled from 14 to 27.

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